Self: The Movie;

Randy Smith from Sun Microsystems has graciously given permission for downloadable versions of "Self: The Movie;". Please note that the copyright (1995) belongs to Sun and do not redistribute portions of this material in a way that doesn't make this copyright perfectly clear.

The Quicktime versions are suitable for Macs and Windows but use an audio codec that doesn't work in the Linux applications I have tried. They were digitized by Steve Dekorte. Thanks, Steve!

The DivX versions can be seen with several different applications on Macs, Windows and Linux if you have the DivX decoder installed. They were digitized by Jecel Assumpção. There is a list with more movies related to Smalltalk. 

Large Quicktime (81MB) very similar to the original VHS tape in quality
Small Quicktime (30MB) all screen captures are very fuzzy, but almost readable
Large DivX (198MB) very similar to the original VHS tape in quality
Small DivX (23MB) screen captures are totally unreadable and even the live scenes are fuzzy. Only good for a preview in order to decide if it is worth downloading the better version
YouTube (20:59)
streaming version of Large DivX
Large AVI (197MB)
from the Squeak FTP


00:00 Title 
00:16 Randy's introduction: directness, liveness, no run/debug separation
02:00 demonstration of basic Self ideas
02:15 - objects and slots
02:54 - methods
03:40 - parent objects: inheritance
04:33 - flexibility of object inheritance (vs class inheritance)
06:08 Morphic demonstration
07:48 how to change a running program (bouncing atoms)
10:53 make it look like a "real" application
15:06 web browser in Self
15:37 Mario's Smalltalk in Self (also shown is collaboration via Self)
16:46 Dave talks to Randy about the implementation
19:30 Randy's conclusions
20:45 Credits